Local performes

Antero´s Fireshow

Mystical stories of the local fireman makes you feel connected with the surrounding nature. He might offer you a taste of a secret elixir to guarantee an unforgettable experience. His fire dance is a performance conducted with drums and fire and definately invoking your senses. His mystical and enigmatic shows are most impressive when the winter is cold and darkness is upon us.



Anu and Minja- Impressive Sámi joik with drums

Joik is a traditional vocal singing style of the Saami people. Joiking is often compared to American Indian chanting, yet a joik is not a song about a person or place but an attempt of the joiker to sing the essence of the subject. Joik has always been important for lady farmer, and during her joik performance you will hear nice selection of traditional and more modern joik. It is not uncommon at all for members of the audience to react strongly and drop few tears while listening Anu´s and her daughter´s joiking.



Mehtä-Raija´s program filled with plenty of fun

Raija is specialized for local stand- up and playful games. While she is telling you about her life you more probably will laugh yourself warm. Her activities may include football with a bottle; some snow wrestling; bush-dancing and ending with some sing-a-longs where all have a opportunity to join in together.